UC- Berkeley Chinese Alumni Association Establishes a Chapter in Southern California

From left:  Xueyin Chen (alumni), Leyue Cai (student), Hanwei Liu (alumni),  Zeqiang Wu (President of the UC Berkeley Chinese Alumni Association)


The University of California-Berkeley, with its 150th anniversary, is a dream school for many Chinese students. On January 13, Zeqiang Wu, President of the UC Berkeley Chinese Alumni Association, came to Los Angeles from San Francisco to officially announce the establishment of the Southern California chapter of the association. Berkeley alums, Hanwei Liu and Qinchu Yang are the conveners of the chapter.

According to Wu, “The Chinese Alumni Association holds the Berkeley China-US. Summit every Fall on the Berkeley campus, and last November’s event featured Nobel Prize winners and Turing award winners. The annual summit attracted nearly a thousand of experts, scholars and students from the Silicon Valley and across the States.”

The Berkeley Chinese Alumni Association has long-term and close cooperation with China’s Tsinghua University and other well-known Chinese universities. In 2018, the alumni association invited the Dean of the School of Engineering and Nobel Peace Prize winners from Berkeley to visit many places in China, such as the Ministry of Education, several well-known universities, and local governments to discuss ways of cooperation.

Wu said that there are a large number of Berkeley Chinese alumni in Southern California. He hoped that by setting up a chapter, the alumni could get together and organize alumni to go back to Berkeley to attend the annual Sino-US Summit.

Liu, head of the Southern California chapter, graduated from Berkeley as an undergraduate and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology. For inquiries, Southern California alumni may contact him at [email protected] (AACYF Los Angeles)